Joe Abraham, actor, reel
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Checkout Joe on MOONBASE 8 now streaming on Showtime! 
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Joe can also be seen dancing like crazy with Meryl Streep and James Corden in THE PROM directed by Ryan Murphy.
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Joe recently appeared as GANGSTER #1 in KISS ME KATE, 
and the wacky seagull, SCUTTLE, in Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID.
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Kiss Me Kate
photo credit: Sonnenberg Shots
"Hilarious, scene-stealing seagull Scuttle"
- Michael L. Quintos:
Meet some other
characters from Joe

Professor Utonium: 

Creator of three very powerful little girls. Believed dead, now in need of saving many years later. 


A Hobgoblin and reformed Black Magic practitioner, now a quiet shut-in. 

John Hart:

A recent widower with a 12 year old son who's just trying to keep life "between the lines".

Ted Green:

A small town grocery store manager who truly believes he is king of his domain.