Joe Abraham, actor, reel
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"I loved working with Joe.”

Bob Koherr – director/actor/producer

"I didn't want Joe's time on set to end. His work was outstanding.”

Peter O'Fallon – writer/director/producer

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"Joe brings a ton to the table. As a performer, he is flexible, believable, and directable. He brought high energy to the rehearsal process and on set.  He's not just an actor, he's a collaborator.  Intelligent, witty, and willing, Joe Abraham IS the business.”

Raffy Cortina – writer/director/producer

Joe is guest starring on a new show, MOONBASE 8, premiering on Showtime November 8th! Check out the trailer and tune in... 
Joe will be appearing with Meryl Streep and James Corden in
THE PROM directed by Ryan Murphy.  December 11th on Netflix!
Joe recently appeared as GANGSTER #1 in KISS ME KATE, 
and also the wacky seagull SCUTTLE in Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID.
Kiss Me Kate
photo credit: Sonnenberg Shots
"Hilarious, scene-stealing seagull Scuttle"
- Michael L. Quintos:
Meet some other
characters from Joe

Professor Utonium: 

Creator of three very powerful little girls. Believed dead, now in need of saving many years later. 


A Hobgoblin and reformed Black Magic practitioner, now a quiet shut-in. 

John Hart:

A recent widower with a 12 year old son who's just trying to keep life "between the lines".

Ted Green:

A small town grocery store manager who truly believes he is king of his domain.

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